The Obstermann’s LLC has grown from a family business. Our company started its activities in the fruit cultivation citadel, in the region of Szatmar. Our best quality fruit ingredients ensure that the flavors and composition of our products are of high quality.

We have always been attracted to unique ideas: our goal, using high-quality fruits was unconventional. The idea of personal fruit gum production was motivated by the kids in our family who like to eat fruit gum – in any quantity… That’s why it was always the most important consideration for us that the products that we introduce should be high-quality and of natural composition.

The idea has been on the table. The implementation took one year, our factory eventually managed to furnish the most modern machines, which allows efficient and modern production. We prepare crafted fruit gums based on our own unique formula. Small-scale technology is used, to ensure the constant high quality level.

We launched several product lines to meet the different needs of people of all ages. Each has two things in common: high-quality and natural ingredients.